We are a new Minecraft map development team. We aim to create unique and interesting maps using custom data packs, mechanics, resource packs, & more!
We have a team of six people working together on different aspects of making the maps, from command blocks to graphic design.

The Team

Founder, Manager, Builds

Hi I'm Chubins! My roles on the FingerMaps Team are being a builder and leader.
IGN ChubinsRainbow

When it comes to videogames, Minecraft is definitely my favorite. So when I had the opportunity to be a part of a growing Minecraft map making team, I had no hesitation. The only problem: what is my Minecraft expertise that can benefit the team? Anyway, I have been playing Minecraft for many years and now that I am on my computer more, I hope that I can contribute more to the team. I am in charge of Public Relations.
IGN Quackofer

Hi my name is Twilight. I am Command Blocker and the Music Producer for the FingerMaps team. IGN TwilightHUNTER6
Manager, Datapacks, Commands

Hey it's me Technodono! As part of the FingerMaps Team my contributions are some of the commands and all of the data packs behind each map we make!
IGN Technodono
Graphic Design

Am Vexcenot, I do graphic design for the team... And that's about it! I also run a Minecraft server of my own as well as a fruitlab channel.
Textures, Models

Hello everybody, I am Swaying Mist. I am the texturer and modeler for the FingerMaps team. I am also the solo dev of the mod: Xenoclus One.
IGN MrCubist
Web Development

Hey! I'm Beatso, and I make resource packs for Minecraft. I'm the web & bot developer for the FingerMaps team.
IGN Beatso
Animations, Renders

I'm Ralimations or Ral for short. I'm a new member to FingerMaps and I take the role as a Animator. I specialize in music timing and cinematic camera shots. I make Music Videos and short skits.
Datapacks, Commands

Hi, I’m VALENTINX, also known as Val! I work for FingerMaps as a Datapacker/Commander. I like messing with particles and entities to create fun things.
Manager, Datapacks, Commands, Plugins

Hey I'm Aandeel, I'm a minecraft map-maker, games developer, and streamer - I love to create and make things for people to enjoy!
IGN Aandeel
Textures, Models

I'm ShamanDorn or Dorn, and I am a texturer/modeller for FingerMaps. I make resourcepacks that improve or change aspects of the game and enjoy creating models.
IGN ShamanDorn

I'm working with Fingermaps as a shader programmer. I've been infatuated with Minecraft map making for years, and I believe shaders will become an important factor to crafting quality experiences within Minecraft. While helping with the team I'm also always working on my own Minecraft projects on the side, check out my progress on Youtube and Twitter!
IGN Godlander

I see myself as a talented individual. I look to create experiences that I feel players can remember. Challenging previous foundations. And over the course of 7 years of building, I've been very lucky to work with so many teams I've joined. Learning and helping people with Building skills.
IGN RyanIsFire

Former members of the team:

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