Guides on how to install our maps and chrome themes!

Click the following links for instructions on how to install our maps:

Maps (Java Edition)


On Windows: Press Windows + R. In the box, type %APPDATA%\.minecraft\saves, then press OK.
On Mac: Press Command + Space. In the box, type ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves.

Press the “Download Map” button on the map’s page. Open the .zip download, and find the folder inside. Move this folder to your saves folder that you found earlier.

Open Minecraft, and in your singleplayer worlds list the map should appear.


Open your server files, either through a control panel or FTP.

Press the “Download Map” button on the map’s page. Extract the .zip download.

Open the extracted folder, and find another folder inside. Upload/move this folder in to the root of your server’s file system.

Open the file in your server’s files. Find level-name= and change the value (world by default) to the name of the folder you just uploaded. Ensure gamemode is adventure, and enable-command-block is true.

Find the “Download Resource Pack” button on the website. Underneath this there will be some text in a box; click this box to copy the text. Find resource-pack= in your and replace that line with the text on your clipboard.
Alternatively, get all of your players to download the resource pack by pressing the “Download Resource Pack” button, and install the resource pack manually.

Restart your server and log on. You should be in the map!

Chrome Themes

Watch this video to see how to install our chrome themes: