Floreign Complex (Rebooted)

Introducing FingerMaps' latest creation, Floreign Complex!

You are on a mission to recover ancient specimens from a once thriving complex for the Helix Corporation. Explore the lush terrain and locate bees to retrieve the specimens and solve the secrets of the complex.


As of July 2021, this map has been completely remade! It is the same game, but with lots of bugs fixed, minor improvements and voice acting.



Click the button below to download the map. Installation Instructions

If you are playing on multiplayer, you also need to install this resource pack: Installation Instructions

server.properties file (click to copy): resource-pack=https://fingermaps.net/maps/floreign-complex/resources.zip

Chrome Theme

We also have a Chrome theme for Floreign Complex. Download it here: Installation Instructions

Click the following button to download the Floreign Complex banner: